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Reset your hormones shifts with time and Wellnessriviera

Do you feel like your hormones are out of control? How to reset your...
16th May 17
The hormones and stress

In the rhythm of hormones – when cortisol go in the wrong direction !

Hormones are only messenger. Adrenal fatigue is a commonly experienced syndrome in today’s world of...
7th May 17
Laser E-light therapy

Laser E-light therapy | Wellness Riviera | Nice

In our beauty parlour, there are used the latest achievements of technology, which results...
15th Apr 17
Nutrition Calculator - Journal of calories

Nutrition calculator – weight loss – Wellness Riviera

Break down of daily calories for weight loss with Wellness Riviera’s journal of calories...
15th Apr 17
Detox body

Detox body – a glass of water every morning

In Japan, there is tradition ( detox body ) to drink a good amount of water immediately after waking up in...
8th Apr 17

Adaptogens – fighting the damaging effects of stress – Wellness Riviera

Adaptogens ( phytotherapy ) are a unique class of healing plants, but don not treat...
2nd Mar 15
lymph drainage facial

Lymph drainage facial – Wellness Riviera – Nice

Manual lymph drainage facial + neck (MLD) or whole the body is a gentle,...
2nd Mar 15
Slimming massage

Slimming massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/uWfZTzN8JlA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
10th Jul 14
Body treatments, body wraps

Luxurious body wraps – embrace your body and discover the art of doing nothing in Nice !

We offer slimming and firming body wraps, and variety of luxurious treatments to help...
4th Apr 13
signature chocolate treatment

Signature chocolate treatment – the touch of luxury ensuring complete relaxation

Our program of chocolate treatment: This truly exotic journey starts with a special exfoliation, and a...
4th Apr 13
Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage – deep relaxation – Wellness Riviera

The Hot stone massage combines the impact both of: thermotherapy, drainage, acupressure, aroma therapy,...
4th Apr 13
Wellness Riviera's classic massage

Classic massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice – France

Recover the flexibility of your muscles and your joints thanks to intense, revitalizing classic...
4th Apr 13

Photo-rejuvenation removing pigmentation stains, smoothening wrinkles

The skin is regenerated from the inside: it reduces furrows and wrinkles, emphasizes face...
16th Nov 12
Manual lymph drainage legs

Lymph drainage legs – MDL – Wellness Riviera – Nice

Lymph drainage legs or whole the body commonly known as MLD is a gentle, hands-on...
6th Jul 12
aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice

This aromatherapy massage by Wellness Riviera releases tension in every part of the body, leaving...
6th Sep 11
Chocolate Spa treatment

Spa treatment – Chocolate massage – Wellness Riviera

Spa treatment, chocolate massage by Wellness Riviera in Nice   Spa treatment with Chocolate massage :...
6th Sep 11
detox treatment

Detox treatment – Honey massage – Wellness Riviera

Wellness Riviera will propose you a detox treatment & Honey massage . this is...
6th Sep 11
Deep-Tissue massage

Deep-Tissue massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice

Deep-Tissue massage is a type of massage which reaches structures far beneath the superficial...
22nd Aug 11
Tired foot massage by Wellness Riviera in Nice, France

Tired foot massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice

Tired foot massage / legs by Wellness Riviera consists of: classic intense foot massage...
22nd Aug 11
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