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Choco Spa Dream


Chocolate smoothens the skin and improves your comfort and mood. It has a draining and anti-cellulite effect in serial treatments. Chocolate softens the skin and sooths the senses, improves comfort and mood, causes the secretion of endorphins – the hormones of happiness!

This treatment is recommended for stressed people and in the case of dry skin requiring quick regeneration and nourishment. chocolate contains mineral salts and vitamins A, E, F and H included in the chocolate extract supplement their shortages in the skin, improve its firmness and flexibility, protect it against premature ageing and deeply moisturize the skin.

The smell of chocolate remains for a very long time after the treatment.


Body Peel – 30min.

Peel is applied all over the body to exfoliate dead skin cells.  This is a fabulous sugar scrub with wax, which leaving the skin nourished, hydrated and silky smooth.

Rituel Crio – body treatment with pressotherapy or lymphatic drainage of legs. – 90 min.

Firming procedure for cellulite and capillaries, treatment with use of pressotherapy or lymphatic drainage of legs.

Recommended for skin capillaries, losing skin firmness, cellulite, excessive fat tissue, tired puffed legs, poor circulation.

It cools skin strongly, which improves blood circulation and activity of fat cells. It eliminates toxins, reduces water retention and firms, tightens and refreshes skin. It helps in slenderizing, which reduces body size.

One can observe reduction of girth in the areas of procedure provision. A function of bandages is to keep and preserve the effect obtained after pumping lymph.


Slimming & Detoxifying Treatments IR


These are extremely effective slimming treatments for the body with the use of a special infrared suit-sauna.

Infrared rays heat the klient’s body, as a result of which we observe an increased level of blood flow, similar to that which is created during exercises, widening of capillary vessels, secondary arteries and veins which further stimulates metabolism.

The process of burning fat proceeds – burning  around 700 kcal during a 30-minute session – it is one of the most power-consuming tasks for the body!

An additional favorable effect of infrared is cleansing the skin of toxins, improving its look and a clear reduction in cellulite. This therapy brings excellent results in treating muscle pains, injuries, sprains, joint diseases, circulation disorders and disorders caused by stress, make thighs, hips and buttocks firmer and developed

A considerable improvement is felt as early as after the first treatment. In order to achieve an optimum effect and a quick result, we recommend 10 treatments – one to three per week



A slimming method and a method firming selected parts of the body. Its effects are visible as early as after several treatments. Due to electrical stimulation, we will be able to reduce the circumference of the waist and thighs, we will make the buttocks and abdomen muscles more firm, we will burn the adipose tissue. By means of a small intensity current, muscles shrink rhythmically as when performing exercises.



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