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15 Apr 2017
Laser E-light therapy

Laser E-light therapy | Wellness Riviera | Nice

In our beauty parlour, there are used the latest achievements of technology, which results from our concern for the highest possible quality of our services. Deciding on procedure, you have a possibility of using numerous innovative treatments and high quality service. Laser therapy E-light Nowadays, painful procedures of body waxing fall into oblivion, and the latest technology in a form of laser devices comes into use. Polarized laser light IPL and RF, i.e. radio frequency, are also effective in other […]

02 Mar 2015

Lymph drainage facial – Wellness Riviera – Nice

Manual lymph drainage facial + neck (MLD) or whole the body is a gentle, hands-on technique that can benefit every body. Stimulating your facial lymph nodes gives your body’s natural detox process a boost, reducing bloating and promoting a sense of wellbeing.   How does manual lymph drainage facial work? The treatment will focus on the neck and face areas primarily. The method of manual lymph drainage facial is a soothing and very relaxing massage using much gentle but effective brushing […]

10 Jul 2014
Slimming massage

Slimming massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice

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04 Apr 2013
Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage – deep relaxation – Wellness Riviera

The Hot stone massage combines the impact both of: thermotherapy, drainage, acupressure, aroma therapy, classic massage. This massage provides a deep warm nourishing massage that is applied with smooth, round and warm volcanic stones. Hot therapy aids rapid healing and tissue repair, releases deep tension, and brings relief from chronic deep pain   Hot stone massage giving the sense of deep relaxation for many days!   It fills you with the power of life, greatly improves your spirit and mood, […]

04 Apr 2013
Wellness Riviera's classic massage

Classic massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice – France

Recover the flexibility of your muscles and your joints thanks to intense, revitalizing classic massage!   Massage we believe wellness services are not a luxury. They are as important as a wholesome diet and regular exercise in keeping a healthy body and a happy, focused mind.   Each treatment and massage is carefully tailored to customer need ! In our clinic we use 100% natural products, many of them are made by ourself ! For a complete well-being experience, discover […]

16 Nov 2012

Photo-rejuvenation removing pigmentation stains, smoothening wrinkles

The skin is regenerated from the inside: it reduces furrows and wrinkles, emphasizes face shape, improves skin tension and colouring, and face regain its brightness and young, healthy look. Photo-rejuvenation – removing pigmentation stains, smoothening wrinkles through intensive collagen reconstruction It is a procedure eliminating symptoms of skin aging, vascular changes, such as: acne rosacea, all kinds of pigmentations, freckles, senile spots and spots after sunbath or solarium. Before the treatment you should not: take photo-sensitizing drugs and herbs such as: calendula, […]

06 Jul 2012

Lymph drainage legs – MDL – Wellness Riviera – Nice

Lymph drainage legs or whole the body commonly known as MLD is a gentle, hands-on technique that can benefit every body. This massage is an advanced therapeutic method that has been proven to stimulate the lymphatic system. Manual lymph drainage legs will stimulating your legs lymph nodes gives your body’s natural detox process a boost, reducing bloating and promoting a sense of wellbeing! As it is a very gentle massage, manual lymph drainage can be useful immediately after pregnancy and it is […]

06 Sep 2011

Aromatherapy massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice

This aromatherapy massage by Wellness Riviera releases tension in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged. This is  a ultimate Aromatherapy Experience and intense massage ritual will dissolve your stresses away! Wellness Riviera will discuss your specific needs and wants prior to the massage, because of our Massages are available in different styles and pressures What is aromatherapy massage ? This massage involves gentle manipulations of the soft tissues with essential oils – 100% pure extracts from plants, […]

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