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07 May 2017
The hormones and stress

In the rhythm of hormones – when cortisol go in the wrong direction !

Hormones are only messenger. Adrenal fatigue is a commonly experienced syndrome in today’s world of stress. This is a stress-related condition that occurs when your adrenal glands-hypothalamus-pituitary gland are functioning below their optimal level.  What is Adrenal Fatigue? The adrenal glands, which sit on top of your kidneys like little kidney baseball caps, release several important hormones. They are small, but are responsible for so much – keep cortisol and adrenaline in check In a stressful situation, the hypothalamus sends a […]

15 Apr 2017
Nutrition Calculator - Journal of calories

Nutrition calculator – weight loss – Wellness Riviera

Break down of daily calories for weight loss with Wellness Riviera’s journal of calories and nutrition calculator. We know that, losing weight is not easy, but with our journal, you will get the tools you can take weight off – and keep it There are thousands of people they want yo have a weight loss. Most have tried just about everything with little (or no) long term success. When you think about it comes to weigh lose? We realize that every […]

10 Jul 2014
Slimming massage

Slimming massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice

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04 Apr 2013
Body treatments, body wraps

Luxurious body wraps – embrace your body and discover the art of doing nothing in Nice !

We offer slimming and firming body wraps, and variety of luxurious treatments to help you achieve your specific goals.   Cellulite & Slimming Treatments For this reasons. We have found alternatives to help you to reduce the appearance of most skin challenges caused by infiltration of cellulite, water retention, fat deposit and loss of elasticity.   Infrared & Relaxing treatments The process of burning fat proceeds it is one of the most power-consuming tasks for the body! An additional favorable […]

04 Apr 2013
signature chocolate treatment

Signature chocolate treatment – the touch of luxury ensuring complete relaxation

Our program of chocolate treatment: This truly exotic journey starts with a special exfoliation, and a exquisite massage of the whole body soothing / classic aromatherapy massage with exotic blend of real chocolate 100%  and orange essence to treat your nose and taste budswhich is followed by a chocolate body wrap. The massage removes muscle tensions, has an anti-stress effect, adds vitality and stimulates the secretion of endorphins. Chocolate softens the skin and sooths the senses, improves comfort and mood, causes the […]

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