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Classic massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice – France

Wellness Riviera's classic massage

Recover the flexibility of your muscles and your joints thanks to intense, revitalizing classic massage! classic massage , Nice, France, Wellness Riviera


Massage we believe wellness services are not a luxury. They are as important as a wholesome diet and regular exercise in keeping a healthy body and a happy, focused mind.


Each treatment and massage is carefully tailored to customer need !
In our clinic we use 100% natural products, many of them are made by ourself !
For a complete well-being experience, discover our body scrubs and wraps in combination with a massage.


Our classic massage improves the nutrition of tissues, regenerates muscles, regulates muscle tension, increases their elasticity, reduces the adipose tissue, accelerates metabolism, activates blood and lymph flows and alleviates stress, brings relief and relaxation.
Massage post event will reduces the effects of muscular tension, muscle fatigue and muscle soreness, aiding in recovery of the athlete by assisting venous return and removal of lactic acids.


Our therapist prepare everything for your classic massage , including a massage table, relaxing music and selection of essential oils.


Our massage in French


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