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Face treatments – Each treatment is carefully tailored to customer needs 

Elixir of youth 


Recommended any for kind of skin with symptoms of decline in skin elasticity and firmness, with an increased tendency to form wrinkles.

Action-revitalizes the skin cells
– moisturizes and nourishes the skin
– tones, tightens and improves skin density
– reduces the depth of wrinkles
– enhances the skin’s regenerative processes
– enhances the metabolic functions of the skin
– fundamentally rejuvenated skin

Proposed as a series of 6-8 treatments once a week

Treatment procedure:

Phase I – diagnostic, make-up removal,

Phase II – gentle cleansing by enzymatic peeling with jojoba pearls, 5 minutes massage the face, neck and décolleté.

Phase III – Regeneration and relaxation – introduction of serum with stem cells PhytoCellTec™ by selected device, then relaxing massage of the face neck and décolleté by selcted device or manually with the rejuvenating facial mousse with stem cells PhytoCellTec ™ Argan. Application the algae mask with stem cells PhytoCellTec ™ Argan.

Phase IV– application a rejuvenating face cream with stem cells PhytoCellTec ™ Argan

Anti-Gravity™ Personalised

Lifting treatment mitigating the effects of gravity. Improve the appearance of the skin while providing a relaxing and restorative experience.

Procedure of treatment:


-Make-up removal

-Enzyme peeling with papaya with 5 min massage or cavitation peeling by ultrasound.

-Application and and the introduction of restoring concentrate cytokine and sodium hyaluronate by selected device

-The treatment: Massage relaxant face, neck and décolleté by Rich Massage Cream with avocado oil or Massage relaxant  face, neck and décolleté by Galvanic Spa with golden therapy or Face lift RF Bipolar )

-Then: tensioning face mask with Damask Rose Stem Cells

-Modeling plaster maskand active ingredients chosen specifically to maximize their synergistic effect.

-And finally: Firming Cream with Collagen

The effect is visible after the first treatment – facial contours clearly raised, and the skin regains its firmness and elasticity.



Chocolat Spa

It nourishes and softens the skin and sooths the senses, improves comfort and mood, causes the secretion of endorphins – the hormones of happiness! The mask is a mix of pure cocoa mass with a special milk with proteins and olive oil.

The components included in the treatment protect against premature ageing of the skin and provide it with mineral substances and vitamins, as well as deeply moisten the skin



Treatments by E-Light – Polarized IPL & RF are effective in kinds of treatments, such as: acne treatment, rejuvenation or photo-rejuvenation of skin, small capillaries closing, wrinkles thinning or pigmentation removing.
In our beauty parlour, there are used the latest achievements of technology, which results from our concern for the highest possible quality of our services. That is why, you have a possibility of using numerous innovative treatments with us.

IPL is supported and intensified by the effect of radiofrequency. All treatments are painless , which is very important in the therapy.

Face Tightening in Collagen 

The temperature, raised to 40°C, stimulates fibroblasts to produce proteins, i.e. new collagen and elastin bonding. Thus, it acts in a preventive way, by regenerating collagen structure and improving blood circulation.
Effect – firm, elastic and smooth skin. Every subsequent day after the first procedure, the skin gets improved systematically.

The treatment eliminates the results of skin aging, tightens it and makes it firm, it also improves its “thickness”, activates production of collagen and smoothens deep wrinkles.
Face treatments:

  • Face oval and chin lifting
  • Firming skin structure
  • Thinning deep wrinkles
  • Reducing bags under the eyes and “crow’s feet”
  • Preventing from aging – prophylaxis

Photo-rejuvenation de lux 

Removing pigmentation stains, smoothening wrinkles through intensive collagen reconstruction

It is a procedure eliminating symptoms of skin aging, vascular changes, such as: dilated capillaries, acne rosacea, all kinds of pigmentations, freckles, senile spots and spots after sunbath or solarium.
The skin is regenerated from the inside: it reduces furrows and wrinkles, emphasizes face shape, improves skin tension and colouring, and face regain its brightness and young, healthy look.

Photorejuvenation procedures are given every 3 weeks. The full effects are produced after a series of 6-10 procedures.



Pigmentation Whitening

Its unique formula includes derivatives of vitamin A and active lightening, antioxidant and anti-aging elements.

The treatment is suitable for: hyperpigmentations (sun blotches), smokers, scars derived from acne, photoaging, skin with dull, tired and worn appearanceIt can be applied in combination with any anti-ageing or desensitisation treatment.

As a single treatment I recommended it for lightening the ashen skin with imperfections that lacks of brightness. It gives the skin a great dose of vitamin C which is necessary in the process of the formation of collagen.

Enhanced whitening facial treatment, providing comprehensive care to skins with sun blotches, blemishes and dyschromia. It aims to regulate the functioning of melanophores and control any disorders associated with a non-uniform colour distribution on the skin

– It suppresses the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for melanin production.
– It lightens the skin and reduces dyschromia.
– It normalizes the colour tone of the skin.
– It offers a glowing skin that radiates.

E-light removing: senile, hormonal, hepatic, post-acne, freckles (face, hands, cleavage etc.

The treatment is non-invasive, but sometimes after the treatment, you can feel a diffused stinging something similar to sunburn. In the next days after the treatments ( sometimes immediately after the end of treatment) the spots can become darker and look like a small graze.
It is important that you do not try to pick off the pigmentation, but it will go away naturally. This will happen after a few weeks, revealing clear skin.


Acne treatment

Acne treatment with the use of IPL is one of the latest and the most effective methods has an antiseptic effect. Precisely selected light beam penetrates skin and affects oil glands, limiting tallow production, elimination of acne – destroying acne bacteria.

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