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In our beauty parlour, there are used the latest achievements of technology, which results from our concern for the highest possible quality of our services.

Deciding on procedure, you have a possibility of using numerous innovative treatments and high quality service.

Laser therapy E-light

Nowadays, painful procedures of body waxing fall into oblivion, and the latest technology in a form of laser devices comes into use.

Polarized laser light IPL and RF, i.e. radio frequency, are also effective in other kinds of procedures, such as: acne treatment, photo-rejuvenation of skin, capillaries closing, wrinkles thinning or pigmentation removing.

Cosmetic laser E-light (IPL + RF) is a modern device, using IPL –intensive pulse of light, supported and intensified by the effect of RF – radio waves.

Other laser treatments:

  • facial skin lift, in the areas of eyes, neck and cleavage
  • smoothening hand skin and “pelicans”
  • removing stretch marks
  • face therma-lift – it eliminates the results of skin aging, tightens it and makes it firm, it also improves its “thickness”, activates production of collagen and smoothens deep wrinkles.


Laser treatments Nice :

  • epilation – permanent removal of body hair, irrespective of their thickness (including blonde and light)
  • pigmentation removing: senile, hormonal, hepatic, post-acne, freckles (face, hands, cleavage etc.)
  • permanent treatment and elimination of acne – destroying acne bacteria
  • photo-rejuvenation – removing pigmentation stains, smoothening wrinkles through intensive collagen reconstruction
  • improving elasticity and skin firming
  • closing broken capillaries, telangiectasia of dilated small blood vessels, redness
  • face and body lift, improving body shape and lifting breasts and buttocks


It is a procedure eliminating symptoms of skin aging, vascular changes, such as: dilated capillaries, angioma, acne rosacea, all kinds of pigmentations, freckles, senile spots and spots after sunbath or solarium.

Due to Photorejuvenation procedure, skin is regenerated from the inside: it reduces furrows and wrinkles, emphasizes face shape, improves skin tension and colouring, and face regain its brightness and young, healthy look.

Photorejuvenation procedures are given every 3-6 weeks. At least one month before photorejuvenation procedure, one should not expose one’s skin to invasive beauty treatments, i.e. peeling or warming masks.

The full effects are produced after a series of procedures.

Procedures closing dilated capillaries

There are provided with the use of IPL laser method, they cause that under the influence of light pulse, a capillary closes and tightens itself. Laser capillaries closing is given to vessels situated in the upper skin layer, both of face and other body areas.

To remove spots and pigmentations, IPL laser light is selectively absorbed by melanin, it heats up cells containing pigment and induces their destruction.


It is removing body hair by means of polarized light consist in the light penetration through a hair melanin up to a hair follicle, which it destroys.

Since not every hair grows with the same speed, some of them remain in growth phase – anagen, responding to IPL light, and some of them stay in hibernation phase.

During the hibernation phases: catagen and telogen, which last for 3-8 weeks, photodepilation does not give a positive effect, because a hair is already separated from its root, and at that time, the procedure does not destroy it.

After that, another active growth of a hair takes place, anagen, and then IPL procedures can be given again.

Thus, the procedures have to be repeated 5-8 times, to make epilation fully effective. Photodepilation is very effective, and most of all, it is completely safe.

Procedures of Acne Removal – laser acne treatment with the use of IPL is one of the latest and the most effective therapeutic methods. Precisely selected light beam penetrates skin and affects oil glands, limiting tallow production.

Laser light causes quick healing of existing lesions and prevents from formation of new ones, having antiseptic effect.

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