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Photorejuvenation | remove senile spots | Wellness Riviera

Photorejuvenation is a procedure eliminating symptoms of skin aging such as: vascular changes, such as: dilated capillaries, angioma, acne rosacea, all kinds of pigmentations, freckles, senile spots and spots after sunbath or solarium.



Due to Photorejuvenation procedure, skin is regenerated from the inside:


It reduces furrows and wrinkles, emphasizes face shape, improves skin tension and colouring, and face regain its brightness and young, healthy look.


Your skin will appear radiant, refreshed and will show improved tone and texture making the skin appear more youthful and healthy looking.


At least one month before photorejuvenation procedure, you should not expose your’s skin to invasive beauty treatments, i.e. peeling or warming masks.


To remove spots and pigmentations, IPL laser light is selectively absorbed by melanin, it heats up cells containing pigment and induces their destruction.


The full effects are produced after 1-3 treatments every 3 weeks.

If you have not stated any of the above mentioned factors, we invite you to a chosen procedure with IPL+RF device.

Irrespective of service/procedure you choose, before every procedure, there takes place an interview with a patient in our consulting room, eliminating contraindications for the procedure provision.




After the treatment, you can feel a diffused stinging something similar to sunburn.
In the next days after the treatments ( sometimes immediately after the end of treatment) that follow the spots will become darker and look like a small graze.
It is important that you do not try to pick off the pigmentation, but let it fall off naturally. This will happen after a few weeks, revealing clear skin.



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