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Wellness Riviera are using some technology for body modelling, slimming, cellulite removing

RF therma-lift is used for modelling particular parts of the body. Using appropriate multi-polar head, we model subcutaneous tissue by heating it up locally to the temperature of about 40°C and depth of 15-25mm. Heated-up fat in a fat cell leads to the cell’s decomposition and possibility of its penetration through a membrane to the outside.

Afterwards, it is removed from the organism by means of metabolic processes. It is completely painless and does not cause damage to surrounding nerve cells and blood vessels. RF reduces fat cells. Proper movement of the head raises up spirals of collagen fibres.


Infrared sauna for cellulite removing :


The Infrared Sauna Body Shaping System – is three times more intensive than in conventional saunas, it is with much more effective when reducing cellulite.

You will notice the improved hue, flexibility, structure and fresh color. Accelerated blood circulation also reduces acne, eczema, psoriasis, alleviates burns, disease changes and cuts. Furthermore, open wounds heal faster, reducing the scars.

Break down of daily calories for weight loss and cellulite removing with Wellness Riviera ’s journal of calories ! Calculate your calories and nutrients in meals – nutrition calculator


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