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Chocolate massage – Wellness Riviera – Nice

chocolate massage and wellness treatments

Chocolate massage “Choco Spa Dream” – a luxury massage in 100% chocolate.

This treatment by Wellness Riviera  in Nice is a combination of sugar peeling, classic massage, real chocolate, aroma therapy and IR sauna. An exquisite massage of the whole body (or back massage) preceded by sugar peeling ensuring complete relaxation. The massage removes muscle tensions, has an anti-stress effect, adds vitality and stimulates the secretion of endorphins. The treatment ends with rubbing a special aroma therapy cream. The touch of luxury ensuring complete relaxation,

Chocolate massage smoothens the skin and improves your comfort and mood. It has a draining and anti-cellulite effect in serial treatments. Chocolate softens the skin and sooths the senses, improves comfort and mood, causes the secretion of endorphins – the hormones of happiness!

Recommended for stressed people and in the case of dry skin requiring quick regeneration and nourishment. chocolate contains mineral salts and vitamins A, E, F and H included in the chocolate extract supplement their shortages in the skin, improve its firmness and flexibility, protect it against premature ageing and deeply moisturize the skin. Vegetable ceramides seal the epidermis and protect the skin against drying.  The smell of chocolate remains for a very long time after the treatment.  The chocolate mask should not be used for fat and acne skins.


Chocolate massage back treatment 45 min

  • -sugar peeling
  • massage, in real chocolate,
  • a special aroma therapy cream

To read more about Wellness Riviera ‘s wellness massage and to watch the video about Chocolate massage Spa, click HERE


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