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Face therma-lift RF

Thermage radiofrequency facelift


Skin therma-lift

RF therma-lift is a world novelty in the field of face lift, removing wrinkles and lipolysis, i.e. reduction of fat tissue. The effects are incredible and, at the same time, very natural, as the skin contracts and tightens itself with the same effect on the whole surface exposed to the procedure. It is very safe, non-injective, painless and produces quick effects that last for a long time.

Face therma-lift

It is the latest use of radio waves in cosmetics, which is a huge breakthrough, allowing to lift skin, face, neck and cleavage without using scalpel. Due to heat, which is generated within skin, collagen fibres become contracted, and afterwards, they get tightened and reconstruct their structure. The temperature, raised to 40°C, stimulates fibroblasts to produce proteins, i.e. new collagen and elastin bonding. Thus, it acts in a preventive way, by regenerating collagen structure and improving blood circulation. Effect – firm, elastic and smooth skin. Every subsequent day after the first procedure, the skin gets improved systematically. In order to obtain optimum results, one should receive 4-6 procedures every 2 weeks. Tanned skin does not exclude from procedure treatments.


Procedures for face:

  • face oval and chin lifting
  • firming skin structure
  • thinning deep wrinkles
  • reducing bags under the eyes and “crow’s feet”
  • reconstructing collagen
  • preventing from aging – prophylaxis
  • reducing contamination, dilated pores and inflammations

Immediately after the procedure one must not receive:

  1. Massage
  2. Endermologie
  3. Deep peeling
  4. Acid treatment
  5. Permanent fillers
  6. Electro-stimulation


Recommendations after Therma-lift procedure:

After the procedure, one should moisturize skin very strongly with moisturizing creams and drink a lot of mineral water.

Radio waves effectiveness can be observed immediately after procedure treatments. However, the effects remain even for 6 months!!

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